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Michael J. Halter, Esq.

 210 E. Main Street

Elkton, MD 21921

Phone: (443) 907-3473

Email: halterlaw@gmail.com

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Affordable Professional Representation


     Michael J. Halter is a multi-faceted attorney based in Elkton, Maryland and serving clients statewide.  Michael specializes in criminal and serious traffic matters. 


     As a former prosecutor Michael prosecuted thousands of cases, including felonies and misdemeanors.  As a defense attorney, he has successfully represented clients charged with a variety of crimes from murder to driving while intoxicated.  Michael is very familiar with the problems that prosecutors encounter in criminal cases and he knows how to identify and expose the weaknesses in the State’s case.


     As a former Marine, Michael can assure his clients that he will fight with integrity and passion to obtain the best possible outcome for them. 


     Michael understands that we are in difficult economic times but that should not affect a client's right to competent representation.  To that end, Michael's fees are reasonable and in most cases payment plans may be available. 


     Please contact us to set up a free initial consultation. 

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